GoNorth meets Due North: Alaska

April 27, 2017, by GoNorth Alaska

We are really proud to support Hazel & Luke on their upcoming expedition Due North: Alaska. Between May and August 2017, they are aiming to become the first people in history to travel the length of mainland Alaska purely by human power: 80 days, kayaking 700 miles, cycling 650 miles and running 550 miles.

Pacific & Arctic Ocean

Hazel & Luke will kayak from Dark Point to Haines and again from Deadhorse to Nuvuk (Point Barrow).

Beginning in the Pacific Ocean and kayaking through temperate rainforest they will head north, cycling past glaciers and mountains. Then, running through boreal forest, they race high above the Arctic Circle and into tundra desert, before kayaking along the open Arctic Ocean.

Bycicle Race

From Haines to Fairbanks, they will cycle past glaciers and mountains.
Photo Credit: Hamish Frost

Up North

Hazel and Luke will be running from Fairbanks to Deadhorse, crossing the Arctic Circle.
Photo Credit: Hamish Frost

The vision of the expedition is education and inspiration through exploration and they are working in conjunction with Education Scotland and youth groups to provide a fully interactive educational expedition that will seek to engage young people and make the journey as accessible as possible to as many as possible. Hazel & Luke are also raising money for the amazing charity Marie Curie UK Marie Curie - Scotland (www.justgiving.com/hazelandluke)

Throughout the expedition they will be filming, blogging, vlogging, updating twitter and instagram, as well as hosting live Q&A sessions. So stay tuned – big things are about to happen!

GoNorth meets Due North: Alaska

Hazel and Luke arrived in Anchorage and visited our crew there. So many happy faces!

Visit Hazel & Luke online

Learn more about these two amazing athletes, their expedition and their vision.

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  1. Mark says :Reply

    Be safe and enjoy the beauty of God’s Creation. I’ll be in Fairbanks for the Midnight Sun ballgame on Wednesday June 21st. Hope you can attend it as a break from your tour of Alaska.

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