About Us

GoNorth has been in operation since 2001. Our original business was guiding river trips in the Brooks Range. While we still enjoy Brooks Range river trips and hiking trips we have steadily expanded our business due to the demand of our clients. We now offer an extensive fleet of truck campers, motorhomes and SUVs as well as an ever-growing Travel Center which organizes all parts of your vacation in Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia and Alberta. As a family-owned business we are small enough to offer a very personalized service.

We listen to your ideas and preferences and find the products that match your expectations. Our in-depth knowledge of the destination and extensive network of partners throughout Alaska and Western Canada gives us the opportunity to cater to all your travel needs. In order to offer a high quality product and maximize your experience we carefully select our products, programs and partners. We look forward to assisting you with your Alaska & Western Canada vacation.

People behind the Spirit

GoNorth Alaska

Ashley Merdan

Housekeeping Supervisor

Ashley is our housekeeping supervisor in Anchorage and has been with us since 2014. She and her team make sure that your vehicle is in perfect condition when you pick it up.

Bill Armstrong

RV Technician

Bill is our RV technician in Anchorage and has been with us since 2014. He came to Alaska in 1975 and has worked in the RV service industry for over 19 years.

Brandon Shelton

Seattle Station Service Manager

Brandon is our Seattle branch service manager and has been with GoNorth since 2013. One thing he likes about the northern areas is the vast unoccupied space that still exists. He really enjoys hearing about our clients travel, either where they went or where they are going.

Debi Shelton

Seattle Station & Reservations Manager

Debi is our Seattle branch manager as well as our reservations manager. She has lived and traveled around much of the US, including Alaska. She is happy to answer your reservation questions and help get your vacation off to a wonderful start.

Irene Meyer

Director Travel Center

Irene is the director of our Travel Center. She is passionate about Alaska and sharing it’s beauty with all of our clients who wish to experience nature at its best.

Joe Jedwabnik

Chief Operations Officer

Joe is responsible for all operations and fleet sales at our four locations, and he has been with GoNorth since 2011. He's been in the Recreational Vehicle business since 1984 and is a Master Certified RV Technician.

Liz Fairley

Alaska Specialist Travel Center

Alaska expert Liz works out of our Anchorage Station and is happy to assist our clients from around the world. Whether it is to inform about travel options in the North or to help with existing reservations, Liz loves to be in contact with customers on the phone and in person. She speaks English, Italian, Spanish and German, and she also helps keeping our website up to date.

Magali Philip

Alaska Specialist Travel Center

Magali is one of our Alaska Specialists - working out of our Fairbanks station. She has been living in Alaska for almost 25 years and she has visited many places in our great state since. Magali is happy to assist you in English and French.

Maggie Chapman

Rental Agent & Reservations Specialist

Maggie is working at our rental station in Anchorage and is also taking care of reservations. She was raised in Germany and is happy to assist you in German, English and French.

Nic Peterson

Fairbanks Station Manager

Nic is our Station Manager in Fairbanks. He has been with the company since 2015 and oversees all aspects of our Fairbanks Station.

Rolf Meyer


Rolf is the founder and owner of GoNorth. Originally from Switzerland, he started the business in 1991 with guided river trips into the Brooks Range. Since then, he has steadily expanded the business. Today, Rolf has a great team around him so he gets to enjoy other things like curling during winter month and outdoor activities in the summer like fishing, golfing and driving his ATV and tractor more often.

Ruedi Bolt

Anchorage Branch Operations Manager

Ruedi is our Operations Manager for Anchorage and has been with GoNorth since 2015. His job is to coordinate and oversee the departments "Detailing", "Housekeeping" and "Maintenance" and send the finished product to the Rental Agents.

Scott Corder

Lead Mechanic

Scott is one of our lead mechanics and has been with us since 2015. He has worked in Fairbanks for the first year and now lives in Anchorage where he works out of our Anchorage location.

Stephanie Sillero Steffen

Rental Agent & Reservations Specialist

Stephanie is working at the rental station at our Anchorage branch. Born and raised in Luxembourg, she is fluent in several languages: Luxembourgish, German, English and French. She also works for the Reservations Team at GoNorth.

Toby Kohler

Whitehorse Station Manager

Toby is our Whitehorse Station Manager and has been with us since 2015. He is fluent in English and German and also an administrator for our Reservation- and In-House-System.

KiANA AG Switzerland

Yvonne Friederich

Communications & Marketing Specialist KiANA AG Switzerland

Yvonne is based in Switzerland but she has several months of travelling and working experience in the North. At KiANA she is responsible for all communication and marketing related topics, including the website.

Jackie Honegger

Alaska Specialist
KiANA AG Switzerland

Jackie Honegger is based in Zurich, and is assisting, wherever help is needed. Placing reservations, creating tour itineraries or simply having an open ear for any kind of issues KiANA's clients may have. She loves to spend her vacation in Alaska and the Yukon, with camping, fishing, hiking and enjoying the outdoors with her family.

Katja Bauer

Tour Operating & Office Manager KiANA AG Switzerland

Working for KiANA in Switzerland Katja is mainly taking care of our European customers. As a passionate traveler she spends a lot of time “up north” to discover all the treasures of this magical place. Katja always has an open ear for your ideas or expectations and helps you creating your special Alaska and Yukon adventure. Since she also has a passion for Western Canada, Katja is responsible for our programs in British Columbia and Alberta.

What we stand for


We have been in operation since 2001. Our in-depth knowledge of the destinations and our extensive network of partners throughout Alaska, the Yukon and Western Canada gives us the opportunity to cater all your travel needs.


As a familiy-owned business we are small enough to offer a very personalized service. We listen to your ideas and preferences and find the products that match your expectations. Our products are highly customizable.


We carefully select our products, programs and partners in order to offer you high quality products and to maximize your experience. We invest a lot of time and effort to prepare our rental vehicles carefully.

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