Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find Frequently Asked Questions and our answers to them. Please contact us if you do not find what you need.

All our stations are open year-round and pick-up and drop-off is possible daily between 10AM and 3PM. From October 1st to April 30th weekend pick-up and drop-off is available by appointment only.

Our reservation hours are 9AM to 5PM, Alaskan Standard Time, 7 days a week through Summer (May 1st-September 30th). Winter reservation hours are Monday through Friday, 10AM to 4PM, Alaskan Standard Time.

We do have the following minimum rental days:
7 days for campers and motorhomes,
4 days for SUVs, trucks and passenger vans.

Shorter rental periods may be available on a walk-in base.

We do have different options for you, and the daily rate depends on the amount of miles you include:

  • No miles
  • 100 miles per day
  • Unlimited miles (worth booking if you are planning on driving 250 or more miles a day)

You can also add as many 100 mile packages on top of the "no miles" and "100 miles per day" option as you wish. You can also post-pay additional miles at the time of vehicle return. Please note that you do not get a refund for unused pre-paid miles.

For walk-ins : If your rental period is shorter than the minimum, you can only book with 0 miles a day.

Truck Camper




Passenger Van

approx. 12 miles per gallon / 19.5 liter per 100 kilometer

approx. 8-10 miles per gallon / 23.5-29.4 liter per 100 kilometer

approx. 15-20 miles per gallon / 19-14 liter per 100 kilometer

approx. 10-15 miles per gallon / 27-19 liter per 100 kilometer

approx. 10-16 miles per gallon / 27-18 liter per 100 kilometer

Yes, you can cross the border from/to Canada. If you are a Canadian Resident, please read this important information.

Yes, we allow all public roads, including gravel roads in Alaska and Canada. We charge an additional $0.25 per mile driven with a motorhome on gravel road, and motorhomes are not allowed to drive Petersville Road after Mile 10. During winter time (Oct 1st-April 30th), no leisure travel is allowed north of Wiseman on the Dalton highway.
GoNorth reserves the rights to issue temporary road restrictions in case of unusual poor conditions, natural or man-made hazards. GoNorth issues these restrictions based on information provided by the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Alaska State Troopers or Transport Canada.

Most of our trucks have a topper on the truck bed. However, we cannot guarantee a topper, as they are hard to replace if they get damaged.

We recommend our Truck Campers for 2 adults. Our motorhomes can sleep up to six people, however, it is more comfortable if there are four people only.

Our motorhomes and luxury campers do have electricity in the living area. The plugs only work when the RV is hooked up to electricy, for example at the camp ground. For all other vehicles the lighter output in the driver cab can be used to get electricity.

We provide one full size, Load Range "E" rated spare tire for our trucks and truck campers. Most of our SUVs come with a full size spare tire, however some of our SUVs only hold a doughnut spare tire. Due to the manufacturing of a few of the SUVs, a full size spare tire does not fit in the spare tire compartment. You can rent one full size spare tire free of charge in addition to the doughnut spare tire, if desired.

CB radios are not automatically included in your rental. You can rent them for $7 per day (max. $75 per rental period).

No, driving in Alaska is neither difficult nor dangerous. It might be different from the way you are driving back home. Highways are generally in a good condition, there is not too much traffic and since there are only two big cities, traffic jams are not a problem at all. We do get a lot of daylight during the summer, so even driving by night is possible. However, we do not recommend driving when it is dark. There is a lot of wildlife in Alaska and accidents involving it do happen quite often. So even when it is daylight, keep your eyes open for animals approaching the road.

Driving on gravel roads is not a problem either if you know the important rules. There are a lot of big trucks on roads like the Dalton Highway. They have the right of way. If you cross a truck, slow down and stay on the right side of the road but be cautious since the shoulders can be soft. Truck drivers will notice that you reduce your speed and that you care about your vehicle. This will help you to avoid chips and cracks in your windshield. Do not drive too fast as these roads can be unpredictable and you can not see holes and bumps until you are almost there. Take your time and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

If you are driving in winter time, always let somebody know where you are going and call them once you arrived at your destination (even in town). Do not just hit the road without anybody knowing where you are heading to in the below freezing winter months.


A lot of mosquitoes, muddy and slick sections due to late breakup make it a little more challenging in May and June; long daylight is a plus already early in the season.


The road is drier, long daylight hours make driving easy; there are less mosquitoes by the end of July


Less mosquitoes, it can be dry or rainy (August generally has more rainy days than July); fog in the early morning hours around Atigun Pass can be very thick be the end of August. Always check the road conditions before you drive.


Conditions are usually pretty good until mid of September, although snow storms are possible, especially around Atigun Pass. Almost no mosquitoes anymore but it gets dark at night.


Winter conditions. Leisure travel is not allowed north of MP 200 Dalton Hwy (Wiseman). Minimum age for winter rentals is 25 years.

Yes, there are a few gas stations along the way. The last gas station leaving the Fairbanks area is Hilltop Truck Stop in Fox. In summer, there is gas available at the Yukon River crossing (Mile 55), in Coldfoot (Mile 175) and in Deadhorse (Mile 441).

In winter time you always need to check on gas availability before heading up north. Extra gas is recommended.

No, you cannot access the Ocean on your own. Public access ends at Deadhorse, about 8 miles from the ocean. Security gates on the access roads are guarded 24 hours a day, and permits for individuals to travel on their own are not available.

The only way to get to the Arctic Ocean is by booking a tour. Please call the hotel in Deadhorse for arrangements at least 24hrs in advance. You will need to provide passport or drivers license information for a background check at the time of booking.

Yes, we do allow you to drive the McCarthy Road with our vehicles. Please note that it is also an option to park the vehicle in Chitina and fly to McCarthy and back.

The best option for hunters are our trucks. Our availability on trucks is very limited, therefore we recommend to reserve your vehicle soon as you can.

At the time of booking a non-refundable down payment of 25% is due. Full payment must be made for the entire rental period at the time the client picks up the vehicle. Early bird specials require that the vehicle is paid for in advance at the latest by December 31st, 2017. GoNorth will not release a vehicle without having received a full payment.

Rules for credit card payment:

Phone payment (Toll Free 1-866-236-7272) and online payment via GoNorth webpage
- 25% down payments = no surcharge
- additional payment above the 25% down payment will be charged 3.5% extra
- full amount early bird payment is charged 2.5% extra

Sliding credit card (card present @ GoNorth location)
- no extra charge on any payments

Accepted credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, Discover and Amex.

More Questions?

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