A one day guided journey by air from Fairbanks to the farthest north Eskimo village.
Travel from Fairbanks to Alaska's Arctic Coast by air and land. The adventure can be extended one day and one night to include the Inupiat Eskimo Village of Utqiaġvik.
On this three day guided tour by land you will travel the James Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay and the Arctic Ocean.

Arctic Ocean & Prudhoe Bay

This is your chance to experience the far, far north! While you travel the legendary unpaved Dalton Highway through the wild and vast landscape, you will get great views of the Alaska Pipeline and of the amazing landscape of the Brooks Range. This land is almost unpopulated, which makes it a real Alaskan experience. At the top of the Dalton Highway you will reach Deadhorse, a settlement that only exists for the oil production and will let you have a glimpse into a different world.

There are various options to choose from: you can do all the travelling by land on a guided ground tour, fly, or do a combination of both.
Maybe you would like to explore the Dalton Highway on your own? Our Car and RV Rental allows you to drive on the Haul Road and all other public gravel roads so you can explore the North at your own pace.