Only 60 miles from Fairbanks, this world renowned resort offers a day of rest and relaxation in a historical location.
Photo by Frank Stelges from Aurora Bear
You can marvel at the beauty of the Alaskan northern lights from the coziness of comfortable lodges.
Photo by Frank Stelges from Aurora Bear
Experience the Arctic Circle and the amazing Northern Lights in a day full of information and knowledge about Alaska.
Photo by Frank Stelges from Aurora Bear

Northern Lights

One of Alaska’s most spectacular draws in winter are the Northern Lights. Imagine the night sky painted with spirals of green, pink and red. There are various tours from Fairbanks that are designed around experiencing the Northern Lights.

Browse through this section and get inspired. If you would like to indulge in the Northern Lights independently you can also rent one of our SUVs and book a B&B in Wiseman through us. For more information contact us!